” ‘Pioneers of LA Hard Rock & Metal’ is THE history lesson on LA Metal and how it reset the course for millions of metal heads worldwide! You’d have to have been there to believe it…but it’s all true. This is every headbangers fantasy!” – David Ellefson, Megadeth

“This movie was amazing! It gives a look into the scene from an angle that most people don`t know about. Really well done!!” – Marty Friedman, Guitarist

“Two old friends from back in the day are still flying the flag and in fact are wrapping up years of painstaking work on a cinematic history lesson of the ’70s and ’80s that is positively awesome — and positively overdue. They did a masterful job.” – Christian Josi, Huffington Post

“In the early 1980’s there was an amazing moment when the South Bay of Los Angeles was overwhelmed by a hard rockin’ tsunami that eventually rolled up to The Strip and then all around the world. Motley, Dokken, Ratt, and Great White formed the wave that rose in The Bay and finally crested with Guns n’ Roses. The Pioneers of LA Hard Rock tells the story of how the scene formed, who formed it, and tells the history of all the bands and characters that contributed to the last great hard rock scene in LA. You should’ve been there … but if you weren’t, this documentary is as close as you can get.” – Alan Niven (former manager for Guns N Roses and Great White)

“This film certainly brought back some fond memories for me. My first time in L.A. was during the summer of ’76 with Widowmaker, and it left a lasting impression. As the decade progressed, L.A. became a Mecca for rock bands and those who loved them – it was a unique place like nowhere else on earth. The clubs, venues, music, girls, rockers, and lifestyle were all ‘alive’ with enthusiasm, we never tired of visiting L.A. during the ’70s and ’80s… and beyond. This film tells the story via those who were there, and there were some great bands and musicians around then, Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads were among them. Watch, listen and learn…” – Bob Daisley (Bassist: Blizzard of Ozz, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Uriah Heep, Widowmaker)

“A richly-colored and supremely-entertaining portrait of a long-forgotten tribe of swashbuckling hard rock merchants.” – Joe Daly, TeamRock

“This film captures an era that catapulted metal into the spotlight and takes the audience on a wild ride down memory lane. After watching it I wanted to get in my time machine and experience those days for the first time. You’re hit with a potent nostalgia, a time I thought we couldn’t get back, not until I saw this film. I can’t get enough of this shit, what an amazing film to watch over and over again, well done!” – Jonas Akerlund – Video Director (Metallica, Madonna, Lady Gaga, U2, The Rolling Stones, Ozzy, Beyonce)

“I didn’t know much about this era of the rock scene in LA as I was too young to experience it. Inside Metal was a fun and informative look into the foundation of the LA Metal scene.” Blasko – Bassist for Ozzy Osbourne

“It was like a college course in music history, I loved it!” – Monte Pittman (Madonna guitarist)

“This movie is primed to be a huge success.” – Gerry Gittelson, Metal Sludge

“A very honest look about the early heyday of the Los Angeles Music scene as told by those that lived it, played it and left an impressionable mark forever. This was an era when bands were hungry, clubs were plentiful and getting signed to a major label actually meant something.” – DJ Will (, That Metal Show)

“I watched and couldn’t take my eyes off of it, I was absolutely impressed and blown away with the quality, the stories, the way that it was edited…it’s just a fantastic documentary!” – Neeley, The Classic Metal Show

“This feature will sure be one that will delight metal fans around the world who grew up in the early era of metal. Join us as we look forward to diving deep into this project and watch it revitalize the music community worldwide.” – Dom Rini, Maximum Threshold Radio

Narrated by LA DJ and industry player Bob Nalbandian, the film brings in a whole slew of West Coast movers and shakers from that scene to comment on the vibrant music of that far off time, when clubs such as the Starwood played host to the Randy Rhoads led line-up of Quiet Riot and the brand new Van Halen…this movie (is) unmissable for anyone keen to educate themselves about this chaotic, but influential era in American music.” – Joel McIver

“Inside Metal focuses on the roots of the scene, and where some of the best bands of the era like Armored Saint, Great White and Ratt came from and how they started.” – John Totten, OC Weekly

“If you’re ito metal and want what some are calling a ‘college course’ in the early history of many of the superstars of the genre, you’ve got to see this film” – Adam St. James,